Have Your 1:1 Report Delivered to Your Inbox
September 15, 2020
Schedule your 1:1 Report

Now you can schedule your 1:1 reports to be automatically delivered to your email inbox in advance of your 1:1s!

Set the day of the week, the time of day, and the period (weekly or biweekly), and you're all set. We set the time of day to be at 50 minutes past the hour so you have some time before your 1:1 to review the information.

To schedule your 1:1 reports for data your collaborators have shared with you, go to the screen for that collaborator by clicking their name in the menu bar. To schedule 1:1 reports for data you've shared with your collaborators, go to the Reports screen.

In this release the email will contain a link to your 1:1 report. In a subsequent release we'll be including all the report data in the email so it's all there in your inbox.

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