Organizations: Nodabl for Companies and Larger Teams
July 14, 2020
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Nodabl now supports Organizations! Organizations are designed for companies and large teams to more easily work together within Nodabl. With an organization, you get:

  • Unlimited collaboration between members of the organization

  • Administrative controls to manage the organization and members

  • Data policies to govern transfer of Nodabl data into and out of the organization

Additionally, over the next several weeks, we will be releasing additional customization features for organizations, including custom action plan templates and custom feedback templates. These templates can be created and managed by admins, and restricted for use within your organization.

Each organization has its own “Workspace” in Nodabl. User accounts can belong to multiple different organizations, and switch between workspaces within Nodabl to switch the organizational context. Additionally, every user account has its own “Personal” workspace for private data that doesn’t need to exist within the context of an organization.

This way you can continue to have one user account for Nodabl instead of having to have multiple different accounts and logging in/out as you change context.

If you’re interested in the organization features please contact us. We are offering free access to the organization features for pilot customers and we have a handful of openings left in our pilot program.

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