New Feature - Send your Goals to your Friends and Colleagues
March 24, 2020
Send Goal

We are extending the collaboration functionality in Nodabl with this new feature. Now you can send your goals and action plans to your friends and colleagues so they can copy them for their own use in their own Nodabl.

If you’re working together with colleagues or friends on the same goal (e.g., you’re enrolled in the same class), now one of you can take the lead to set up a goal and action plan and send that to everyone else for their use.

Likewise, if someone you know set a goal for something similar that you achieved in the past, you can send them your old goal so they can take advantage of your knowledge and experience.

When you send a goal, we create a snapshot of the goal as it exists at that time - any changes you make after you send the goal won’t be reflected in the goal you sent. The goal details, the actions (with some exceptions around feedback, see below), and all of the action details. All actions get set to status Not Started, Action Tasks are all unchecked, Action Ratings get cleared, and any past due action due dates get cleared as well.

Feedback Request actions will get sent, however, if you’ve requested feedback the specifics of the request will not get sent. Feedback you’ve provided and feedback you’ve received will not get sent.

When someone sends you a goal, you’ll receive an email notification with a link to preview the goal.

When accepting the goal, you have the option of copying both the goal itself and its action plan, or to copy the action plan into an existing goal of yours.

You can send a goal to anyone you like by clicking on the send icon for that goal on the Goals screen or the View Goal screen.

Let your colleagues and teammates take advantage of your knowledge and experience, and send your goals to them so they get a head start on their own goals.

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