New Feature - Self-Assessments
Announcing the release of our latest feature - Self-Assessments! After you finish Goals, take Self-Assessments to measure how the Goal affected your growth.
September 17, 2019

Announcing the release of Self-Assessments!

Self-Assessments let you assess your growth as you finish Goals. With Self-Assessments, you can measure your growth across two dimensions: your confidence, and your knowledge/ability.

After you finish a Goal, you can take a Self-Assessments to measure the impact of that Goal (i.e. the change in your confidence, and the change in your knowledge and ability) and the reasons for the change. You can also rate yourself to help decide when it’s time for you to switch your focus to a new Competency.

You can take a Self-Assessment when you set a new Goal, finish an existing Goal, or if you’ve recently finished a Goal. You will see a “Take Self-Assessment” button if the Goal is eligible for a Self-Assessment on the Goals screen.

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