New Feature - Feedback
Announcing the release of our latest feature - Feedback! Collect high quality, actionable feedback, on the specific Activities you add, from anyone you wish.
October 08, 2019

Announcing the release of Feedback!

Now. when you add an Activity, you can request feedback on that specific Activity from anyone you choose. You can also request feedback for Activities you’ve already added to Nodabl via Reports.

When you request feedback, you can select a feedback template with questions tailored to the Competencies relevant to your Activity. These templates make it easier for you to collect high quality, actionable feedback.

Our library currently contains 53 templates covering 47 Competencies, and we’ll be added more over time. We also provide general and open-ended templates in case those better fit your needs.

Feedback is private to you and the person who provides it to you. You can request feedback from anyone you choose - they do not have to be a Nodabl member.

Add an Activity and request some feedback today! Not a Nodabl member? Join now and take control of your professional growth!

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