New Feature - Feedback
January 16, 2020

Announcing the release of Feedback!

Now you can collect feedback from others through Nodabl as you work towards achieving your career goals.

  • Request feedback from anyone you want - they don’t have to be Nodabl members.

  • Choose from over 50 feedback templates tailored for specific skills so you can ask focused questions that make it easier to receive high quality, actionable feedback.

  • Or, use one of our general, open-ended templates if you have specific areas you want to hone in on.

  • Feedback is private to you and the person who provides it to you.

How Feedback Works:

Add “Feedback Request” Actions
When you’re ready to request feedback, click on the “Request Feedback” button of a Feedback Request Action
Create your Feedback Request: Pick the template that’s most relevant for the kind of feedback you’re seeking
Create your Feedback Request: Add the emails of the people from whom you are requesting feedback, and edit the message to specify your request
When you’ve finished creating your request, click “Send Request” to send the request
Each recipient will receive an email notifying them of your request
Each response you receive will generate a Feedback Response Action for you with the feedback you’ve received

Feedback from others is critical to achieving any goal that revolves around improvement or others’ perceptions of you. Incorporate Feedback into your Action Plan today and accelerate your success!

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