New Feature - Goal and Action Comments
April 08, 2020
Goal Comments

Goal and Action comments build on the release of Collaboration to enable you to communicate with your collaborators in Nodabl.

Comments enable you to have an ongoing conversation about career growth without having to wait for meetings. Additionally, by conversing via Nodabl, your conversations are documented for easy follow up and reference, and you always have context.

All collaborators with access to a specific goal can comment on that goal and the actions affiliated with that goal. Everyone who has access to that goal or action will be able to see all the comments attached to that goal or action.

Collaborators can delete their own comments, and the owner of the action or goal can delete any comment. Comments will persist even if the collaboration ends, so you will always have a record of your conversation.

Career growth is much easier when done with the advice and support of others. With this feature, you can now exchange that advice and support within Nodabl.

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Career growth doesn't just happen twice a year. Nodabl helps you collaboratively drive growth and development on an ongoing basis by actively addressing the goals from career conversations and reviews.

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