New Feature - Collaboration
March 16, 2020
Collaborating on a goal

Announcing the release of Collaboration!

Now you can give access to your goals to your friends, mentors, managers, and/or coaches to give them visibility and get their support and advice as you work to achieve your career goals. Access is at a goal level, so you can give access to different goals to different people, and you can keep some goals private as well.

Viewing a goal as a collaborator.

Use Nodabl to facilitate a more productive ongoing conversation about your career growth by giving your manager access to your goals in Nodabl. Companies rarely provide a system to facilitate an ongoing conversation about your career growth. Additionally, it’s easy to lose sight of your long term career goals amid your day to day to-dos in the short term and quarterly business objectives in the mid term. Using Nodabl as the documentation and tracking system, you can:

  • Get buy-in on what achievement and success against your goals means for your career path and compensation at your company.

  • Get your manager’s input on your action plans - they may know about projects and resources that aren’t on your radar that will help you reach your goal.

  • Track your progress and if you get stuck, or blocked, ask for your manager’s help.

  • Demonstrate your progress against your goals, and have a record of your progress for use in reviews and in evaluation and compensation discussions.

You can also use Collaboration to facilitate better information sharing with your coach or mentor, and to team up with friends in a class, learning group, or in general to give each other support and advice.

Anyone, not just existing Nodabl members, can be invited to Collaborate with you, however, they will have to sign up for a Nodabl account before accessing your goals.

This first release enables view only access to goals. Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out additional collaboration features including support for communication via Nodabl.

You can give someone else access to your goals via the share icon in the View Goal screen, the share icon on the Goals screen, or by inviting them through the new Collaborators screen.

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Career growth doesn't just happen twice a year. Nodabl helps you collaboratively drive growth and development on an ongoing basis by actively addressing the goals from career conversations and reviews.

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