New Feature - Action Tasks
Announcing a new feature - Action Tasks! Make your actions more actionable by breaking them down into discrete tasks.
January 23, 2020
Action Tasks

Announcing the release of Action Tasks!

Now you can break your actions down into discrete tasks. Use tasks to break down larger actions into smaller steps or components. Giving yourself a road map to a larger action makes actions seem more manageable. You’ll also have a more tangible sense of progress as you check items off instead of having to wait until you drag the action to done.

  • Tap the “Task” button on the Action card to add tasks.

  • You can add as many as you’d like.

  • Tap the check mark to check off a task (or to un-check it if you forgot to do something).

  • You can re-order the tasks by tapping, holding, and dragging the items using the hamburger icon to the left of the task.

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