Add Multiple Emails to Your Account
September 15, 2020

We’re excited to release support for multiple emails on your account. By adding multiple email addresses to your account, you can ensure that all feedback requests, collaboration invitations, and organization workspace invitations go to your Nodabl account, regardless of which of your email addresses the sender used.

Nodabl is designed to be one account for your entire career, which is why every account comes with a personal workspace and can be a member of multiple different organization workspaces. Support for multiple email addresses on the same account continues down that path, so everything can get funneled to your singular Nodabl account.

Additionally, by adding both a personal email address and your work email address to your account, if you lose access to your work address you can still log into your Nodabl account.

To add an additional email address, go to the Accounts tab in My Account. There you’ll see a button add an additional email address.

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