Calling All Self-Driven Professionals
Today we are announcing the public launch of Nodabl. Continue reading for Nodabl's origin story and the inspiration behind the company.
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Welcome Adam Lane
Adam Lane joins Nodabl to run Technology, bringing with him a wealth of early-stage experience and a passion for helping people drive personal growth.
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Summary Charts
Announcing an enhancement to reports - charts summarizing data from your Goals and your Self-Assessments.
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Announcing the release of Goals! Goals are a commitment you make to yourself to work on your professional growth. Set a Goal to work on a specific competency that's relevant where you want to go in your career - these are not corporate OKRs.
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Announcing the release of our latest feature - Self-Assessments! After you finish Goals, take Self-Assessments to measure how the Goal affected your growth.
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Announcing the release of our latest feature - Feedback! Collect high quality, actionable feedback, on the specific Activities you add, from anyone you wish.
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