Feedback Updates and Enhancements
May 16, 2020
Feedback Template

We’ve made three major updates to Feedback to make it easier to take advantage of Nodabl’s structured feedback templates to exchange high quality, actionable feedback on a regular basis:

  • Simplified Feedback Request Workflow

  • Enable Collaborators to Provide Feedback

  • Changes to Feedback Data Accessibility

Simplified Feedback Request Workflow

Now you can request feedback on any action instead of having to create a special feedback request action solely to request feedback.

On all actions with status “Started” or “Done” you’ll now see a “Request Feedback” button in the context menu of the action card on the Kanban Board and underneath the action name on the View Action screen. This button will start the feedback request flow, and the details of the request, the status, and the response will be accessible from the originating action.

We’ve also added a “Resend” button so you can send a reminder for outstanding feedback requests.

Enable Collaborators to Provide Feedback

Collaborators can now proactively provide feedback using Nodabl’s structured feedback templates without having to wait for a request.

When viewing a collaborator’s goal, a “Provide Feedback” button will show in the context menu of action cards with status “Started” or “Done”. Similarly, a “Provide Feedback” button will show when viewing a collaborator’s action underneath the action name. The feedback will then show within the action.

Changes to Feedback Data Accessibility

Providers of feedback will now have permanent access to the feedback they provided. When receiving a request for feedback, Nodabl creates an action for you to respond to the request. After responding to the request, the details of your response will be available to you from within that action.

Likewise, when proactively providing feedback, Nodabl will create an action for you, with status “Done”, noting that you sent feedback. That action will contain the details of your feedback.

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