Custom Feedback Templates and Labels
August 25, 2020
Example Feedback Template

Timely, actionable feedback is a critical part of growth and development. We know that exchanging feedback can be difficult, so we provide structured feedback templates. These templates make it easier to exchange high quality, actionable feedback by reducing the cognitive burden on the feedback provider and by focusing the feedback on a specific piece of work or interaction.

Organizations can now create their own set of custom feedback templates. These templates are available for use to all members of the organization, and feedback requests using these templates can be sent to anyone to get their feedback.

In addition to Custom Feedback Templates, we’ve also released Custom Labels for organizations. Nodabl provides a library of skill / competency labels for you to apply to your goals and actions, and you as a user can create your own. With this feature, organizations can now create their own set of labels for skills, competencies, values, or anything else that should be standardized as a broadly available label option.

Labels also drive feedback template recommendations, so these two features work hand in hand.

Contact us to get set up with an organization account so you can take advantage of these features. You learn more about how feedback works in Nodabl in our guide entry on exchanging feedback.

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