Custom Action Plan Templates and More!
August 11, 2020
Custom Action Plan Templates

The tldr:

  • Organizations can now create custom action plan templates private to their organization.

  • Users can now add action plan templates on behalf of their collaborators.

  • All collaboration status changes, including removals and declinations are now unblinded.

  • Admins can add organization action plan templates for any member of the organization.

  • Admins now have collaborator level permissions for all goals for every member in the org when in admin mode.

Organization Specific Custom Action Plan Templates

Organizations can now create their own action plan templates and make them available to members of their organization. Move processes out of google docs, spreadsheets, and emails with bulleted lists and into Nodabl to enable easier tracking, reminders, and collaboration.

At a prior company, whenever I added someone new to the team, in their first two weeks I’d ask them to sign up for a set of services, read a set of documents, and meet with the rest of the team 1-1. Sound familiar?

This sort of process can be set up as an organization specific action plan template that’s then added to the new team member’s Nodabl so they have it set up for them when they start.

All organization admins have access to this feature - switch into admin mode in your organization’s workspace and look for the “Action Plan Templates” link under content in the menu bar.

Collaboration Enhancements

To go along with organization specific action plan templates, you can now add an action plan template for your collaborators. When you select an action plan template from the gallery, you’ll now have the option to pick who it’s for (you, or one of your collaborators). You can now also edit the start date instead of the start date always being today.

Additionally, all collaboration status changes will now prompt a notification, including revoking an invitation, declining an invitation, ending an active collaboration, and removing goal access for a collaborator.

Admin Tools

Organization administrators can now add organization action plan templates for any member of their organization. When in admin mode, from the action plan templates section, click on the + icon next to a template.

Admins also now have collaborator level permissions for all goals for every member in the org when in admin mode. This lets admins see member goals, leave comments, proactively provide feedback, add goals, an add actions to goals for all members in their organization when in admin mode. To do this, go to Manage Members, and click on the "View" link to the right.

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