New 1:1 Report and Other Reports Improvements
June 24, 2020
1:1 Report

We are thrilled to announce a massive upgrade to Nodabl’s reporting features, including a brand new 1:1 report and a revamped summary report. Additionally, you can now run these reports for your collaborators on the goals that they have shared with you.

1:1 Report

This new report is designed to make your weekly 1:1 meetings more productive. With the 1:1 report, you can now, at a glance, see status updates, progress changes, what’s new, and more, so that you can spend more time having a conversation and less time on process.

The report contains two main sections, one on actions, and one on goals.

The actions section is broken down to cover three areas:

  • Actions that were completed in the period.

  • Actions that were supposed to be completed but were not.

  • Actions that are due in the upcoming period.

Actions that were newly created in the period are labeled, and actions with new feedback or comments in the period are tagged. Clicking on the action name will open up the action so you can quickly reference the feedback or the comments.

The goals section shows you all goals that were active or marked as inactive during the period, along with how the status of each goal has changed.

Summary Report

The old report has been renamed the Summary Report and upgraded with new features. This report is designed to look back over a long period of time to see what has been accomplished. This is useful when writing performance reviews so you don’t have to rely on memory or dig through your email.

The summary report contains a new Goals section at top that shows goals that were active or marked as inactive during the report period, along with how they changed.

The actions section, in addition to the bar chart from the prior report, has an updated action list that shows all actions that were done, along with tags for any that contain feedback or comments, as well as showing you the action ratings for each action.

We added a new section, Action Ratings. This section contains a line chart showing average action ratings by week for each rating dimension (difficulty, performance, value).

Additionally, for each label applied to an action, the report shows the average difficulty, performance, and value, and then the distribution of ratings for each of those dimensions by label. This should make it much easier to digest your strengths and areas of improvement for specific labels.

Report Access

You have access to reports on your own data for all of your goals, and there are links to reports for each of your collaborators with access to the goals, where the report data is limited to the goals you've shared with that specific collaborator. These are accessible via the Reports section.

You also have access to reports on the data your collaborators have shared with you. You can access these via the Collaborators section.

We hope these reports make your 1:1s and your reviews much more productive and valuable by doing the data collection for you and letting you focus on the synthesis, impact, and the ensuing discussion.

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