Announcing the Nodabl Career Planner
December 21, 2019
Announcing the Nodabl Career Planner

Nodabl is re-released, rebuilt from the ground up as the Nodabl Career Planner.

Career planning and management is hard, especially when you’re forced to create your own process and workflow in a Google Doc, spreadsheet, To-Do app, or pen and paper. These general tools make career planning and management hard because:

  • They lack any preset structure or workflow, forcing you to design your own.

  • They don’t have any ability to set workflow, preventing you from working efficiently.

  • They don’t have support for deadlines/reminders, making it hard for you to hold yourself accountable.

  • They don’t have any ability to track, measure, or visualize progress, so it’s hard for you to get a sense for how you’re actually progressing towards your goals.

Nodabl provides purpose-built structure and workflow to make career planning and easy. Features include:

  • Pre-set options to make writing career goals easy along with the flexibility to write your own.

  • Create an action plan for achieving your goal. Use descriptions, labels, deadlines, and other optional fields to keep yourself organized and on track.

  • A Kanban board to make it easy to visualize, and track your progress.

  • Set your own deadlines and we’ll send automated reminders so you can hold yourself accountable.

  • Explicit workflows to make it easy to collect feedback and assess your growth. (Coming Soon)

  • Reports and charts that let you visualize your effort and your growth. (Coming soon).

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with Nodabl today.

Written by
Vikas Gupta

Vikas is the founder of Nodabl. He started his career in management consulting at McKinsey & Company. When he left and joined the operating world, he was shocked at the difference in the way he experienced development and growth at McKinsey versus industry. This difference became even more apparent when he started managing a team for the first time. He was challenged with both developing himself as a leader and fostering growth in his team. Since then he's been thinking about how to improve the growth experience and enabling every person to be their professional best.

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