Activity Feed and Collaboration Enhancements
June 11, 2020
Activity Feed

We’ve released two new features; the Activity Feed and, Collaborators can now add goals and actions.

Activity Feed

The activity feed gives you a one-stop view of everything important that’s happened in Nodabl. It’s divided into two sections “Me” and “My Collaborators”.

“Me” is where you’ll see everything pertaining to you directly:

  • Feedback requests and responses received

  • Comments on your goals and actions

  • Collaboration invitations

  • Goals and Actions created for you by your collaborators

“My Collaborators” is where you’ll see everything pertaining to your collaborators:

  • Action status changes

  • Goal status changes

  • Comments on their actions and goals

  • Feedback they've received

  • Actions they've rated

Collaboration Enhancements

Now you can add goals and actions on behalf of your collaborators. This should make it easier and more streamlined to provide guidance and direction through Nodabl.

To add a goal, go to the View Collaborators Goals page and click + Goal. When you add a goal for your collaborator, you will automatically have access to it.

To add an action, go to a specific goal of theirs and then click +Action.

When you add a goal or action for your collaborator, they will be notified via email and with a notification in their activity feed.

Now that collaborators can add goals and actions on each others’ behalf, we have removed the functionality that let you send your goal and action plan to someone else for them to copy into their own Nodabl.

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