Quick Start for Managers in an Organization

“Quick Start for Managers in an Organization” is for those who are primarily using Nodabl to support their team’s growth and development and are using Nodabl as a member of an organization in Nodabl. If you are not using Nodabl as a member of an organization, please see the "Quick Start for Managers on a Personal Plan".

This section of the guide covers:

Key Concepts: Goals, Actions, and Action Plans

Goals, Actions, and Action Plans are the building blocks of Nodabl.

  1. Goals are the objective or desired outcome you want to achieve.

  2. Actions are the steps or to-do items that you take to make progress against your goal.

  3. An Action Plan is the set of actions you take to achieve your goal (i.e. all the actions associated with a goal).

Everything else in Nodabl revolves around these three concepts.

Inviting Your Team

The first step is to update your profile with your name so that your team knows your invitations are coming from you. Look at the top of the menu bar - do you see your name or your email address? If you see your name, then your admin added it for you, and you’re all set. Otherwise, click on your email address to go to your profile and add your name.

Next, invite your team to use Nodabl and to collaborate with you. If you already see collaborators listed, then your admin set up your collaborator relationships for you. You can invite additional ones if your admin missed any.

  1. Go to Manage Collaborators in Nodabl.

  2. Existing collaborator

  3. Select your team from the drop down (or type their email address to quickly find them). If you don’t see someone on this list, it means they haven’t been added to the organization, and you need to ask your admin to invite them.

They will be sent an email invitation to collaborate with you.

After they accept your invitation, they need to set a goal, create an action plan, and then give you access to the goal. You may want to help them think through the right goals and setting up an action plan, either as part of your regular 1-1s or in a separate meeting dedicated to career growth and professional development.

You can also add a goal for them and then add actions to that goal to get them going.

Viewing Their Progress

Once you have access to their goal, you can view their goal, its action plan, and all the action details. You can also make comments, add actions for them and proactively provide feedback on their actions. You can also make comments, add actions for them and proactively provide feedback on their actions.

First, you need to go to the View Collaborator screen for the specific collaborator. You can do that by either:

  1. Clicking on their name in the menu bar.

  2. Click on their card in the Manage Collaborators screen.

Here, on View Collaborator, you can see all the goals that they have shared with you, along with links to see reports on the data they have shared with you. Click on the goal card to see the goal details and its action plan.

  1. Collaborator name

  2. Link to see 1:1 Report

  3. Link to see Summary Report

  4. Collaborator's goals that are shared with you

  5. Add a goal for your Collaborator

Click on one of the goal cards to view your collaborator's goal.

  1. Goal details

  2. Button to see goal comments feed

  3. Action Plan

  4. Expanded view of an action card showing all the tasks and the context menu

  5. View button to see action details

  6. Provide feedback button to proactively provide feedback

Giving Advice and Support

You can interact with your collaborators in multiple ways: exchanging comments, providing feedback, adding goals, and adding actions to their goals.


You can communicate with your collaborator using Comments. Comments can be made at the goal level or at the action level. Click on the comments button when viewing a goal to access the goal comments feed.

  1. Add a goal comment

  2. Action comment from someone else with red dot indicating it's new

  3. Goal comments from you

  4. Button to mute email notifications from this goal

The goal comments feed shows all the goal comments and action comments for actions associated with this goal. You can see action comments in the context of that action by going to the action details screen for that action.

You'll receive an email notification for all new goal and action comments. You can turn this off on a goal by goal basis by muting that specific goal.


You can give your collaborators feedback via Nodabl’s feedback feature. This lets you use one of our structured feedback templates to make it easier to give high quality, actionable feedback. When viewing one of their goals, click on an action to expand the action card. Then, click “Provide Feedback” in the context menu.

Pick a template. You can see a preview of the template after you select it in the dropdown. When you are ready, click continue to use the template you selected.

Fill out the feedback form and click submit feedback. Your feedback will be recorded on the action, and they will receive an email notification with the feedback you provided.

Add Goals for Your Collaborators

You can add goals directly for your collaborators in order to get them set up. When you add a goal for a collaborator, you'll automatically have access to it.

When viewing your collaboration (Collaborators -> View from the relevant collaborator), add a goal by clicking the "+ Goal" button in the top right (on mobile, it's in the bottom dock). If you don't have access to any of your collaborator's goals yet, you will also see a big add goal button.

Fill out the fields, and then click save to add the goal. You'll be taken to the View Collaborator's Goal page for that goal, and then you can add actions to it.

Add Actions for Your Collaborators

You can add actions to your collaborators' goals.

From the View Collaborator's Goal page, click on the "+Action" button in the top right, or any of the + buttons on top of a status column on the Kanban board.

When adding an action for a collaborator, you can edit everything except for the Goal, Ratings, and Related Actions. After you fill out the fields, click save, and then the action will be added.


Nodabl provides 1:1 Reports and Summary Reports that aggregate and synthesize your data to make management and HR processes more efficient and valuable. You'll have access to these reports for each of your collaborators covering data that they have shared with you.

1:1 Reports give you a snapshot of status updates, progress changes, what's new, and more, so that you can spend more of your 1:1s in meaningful conversation and less on process. Learn more in our entry on 1:1 Reports.

Summary Reports let you look back over a long period of time to see what has been accomplished and what progress has been made. These are helpful in aggregating information across multiple goals to make it easier to fill out reviews as you'll have all the information in one place instead of having to rely on your memory or comb through your email. Learn more in our entry on Summary Reports.

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