Quick Start for Individual Contributors on a Personal Plan

“Quick Start for Individual Contributors on a Personal Plan” is for those who are primarily using Nodabl to manage their own career growth and professional development and are not using Nodabl as a member of an organization. If you are using Nodabl as a member of an organization, please see the "Quick Start for Individual Contributors in an Organization".

This quick start guide covers:

Key Concepts: Goals, Actions, and Action Plans

Goals, Actions, and Action Plans are the building blocks of Nodabl.

  1. Goals are the objective or desired outcome you want to achieve.

  2. Actions are the steps or to-do items that you take to make progress against your goal.

  3. An Action Plan is the set of actions you take to achieve your goal (i.e. all the actions associated with a goal).

Everything else in Nodabl revolves around these three concepts.

Basic Setup

Add Your First Goal

Click on the “Add Goal” button to open the Add Goal form (on mobile, you’ll find it in the bottom dock). Individual contributors typically add goals that address feedback / development areas from their most recent performance review and/or goals that address one of their personal professional development goals.

  1. Name your goal: Give your goal a name that’s descriptive and meaningful. You should know what this means at a glance, and if you’re going to give your manager access to it, they should easily know what it means.

  2. Add a target end date (optional, recommended). Add a target end date to time-bound your goal. While optional, this is highly recommended so you have a deadline you’re working towards. Otherwise you run the risk of letting everyday, low importance high urgency tasks get in the way of achieving your goals.

  3. Click Save.

Note - we’ve skipped over the description, start date, labels, and status fields. You can learn more about them in the Deep Dive on Goals section. You should revisit them, but for now, name and target end date will get you going.

Create Your Action Plan by Adding Actions

Now that you’ve added a goal, you should be on the View Goal screen. This screen shows you everything you need to know about this goal including your action plan. Since you just added this goal, the action plan is empty, but not for long.

Click on the “Add Action” button to open the Add Action form (on mobile you'll find it in the bottom dock).

  1. Name your action: As an action is typically something you do to work towards your goal, action names typically start with a verb. For example, “Review internal product documentation”.

  2. When you add an action from the View Goal screen, the action will automatically be associated with the goal.

  3. Set a due date (optional, recommended): Due dates are a valuable commitment device. Additionally, Nodabl will remind you via email about upcoming due dates. Without due dates, no automated reminders.

  4. Click Save

Note - we’ve skipped over the description, action tasks, labels, ratings, status, and related actions. You can learn more about them in the Deep Dive on Actions section. You should revisit them, but the name, goal, and due date are enough to get you going.

Add enough actions to get you started on your goal. You don't need to have an entire end to end action plan ready to go, and, more likely than not, you'll make edits and adjustments as you go. However, you should start with enough to keep you going for a few weeks.

Update Your Profile

Click on your email address at the top of the menu to go to your profile. Add your name to your profile. If we don't have your name, we'll use your email address to identify you to others when you:

  • Add a comment

  • Send a collaboration invitation

  • Accept a collaboration invitation

  • Share a goal

  • Request feedback

  • Provide feedback

Without your name, those you interact with will have to know your email address to know that these interactions are coming from you.

Keeping Yourself Organized and on Track

You have a goal, and you have an action plan to achieve your goal. Great work! You’ve set yourself up for success. Now comes the harder part - executing against your plan. Fortunately, Nodabl is here to help you stay organized and on track.

Your Nodabl Board

The Board is the main area where you’ll be working in Nodabl. It features a Kanban board with all of your actions from across all your active goals in one place. Actions in the "Done" column will be hidden from your Board after seven days, but will always show up in the View Goal screen for goals with which they are associated.

The Kanban board visually organizes your actions by status and by priority. The three statuses are “Not Started”, “Started”, and “Done”. You can change the status of an action by dragging it to the proper section. Additionally, you can change the order of actions within a status by dragging the action as well.

As you work on your actions, change their statuses so you can keep track of what you’re working on and what you’ve completed. As priorities shift, change the order of your action within a status so you always know what’s your top priority.

Clicking or tapping on an action expands the action, revealing more detail. From the expanded view, you can change the action status, update the status of your tasks, or go into the View Action screen where you can edit the action.

Stay on Top of Upcoming Due Dates

Nodabl will help you stay on top of the deadlines you set for yourself. So make sure to set deadlines otherwise we can’t support you here!

You’ll receive an email every Sunday morning with the actions and goals that are due in the coming week. Additionally, you’ll receive an email every morning with the actions and goals that are due that day. If you don’t have anything due, you won’t receive an email.

Actions on the Kanban board that are not "Done" will show up with different color due dates if they are past due or soon to be due so you can easily pick out what needs your attention.

Invite Your Manager

Give your manager access to your goals so they can give you advice and support, and so that you keep them up to speed on the effort you’re putting into your own growth and development.

If your manager invited you to Nodabl via a collaborator invitation, then you may already be collaborating with them. You can tell if you are if you see their name listed underneath the Collaborators subhead in the menu. If you are not, you can easily invite them. If you are, then you can skip the next step on inviting them as a collaborator, and use the share goal icon on View Goal to share your goal with them.

  1. Click on Invite Collaborator

  2. Or, click on Manage

  3. Put your managers email address in the invitation field and click Invite

Select which goals you want them to have access to and click Send Invitation.

This will send them an invitation to collaborate with you in Nodabl. If they don’t have a Nodabl account, they will be prompted to create one as part of the invitation process.

You can also invite your manager to collaborate with you directly from the View Goal screen by clicking on the share icon. If you are already collaborating with them, then you can also give them access to your goal via the share goal icon.

By giving them access, they can see your goal, its action plan, and all the action details. They can also proactively provide feedback on your actions, communicate with you via comments, add actions to your goal, and add new goals for you. They will also have access to 1:1 Reports and Summary Reports for the data that you have shared with them.


Nodabl provides 1:1 Reports and Summary Reports that aggregate and synthesize your data to make management and HR processes more efficient and valuable.

1:1 Reports give you a snapshot of status updates, progress changes, what's new, and more, so that you can spend more of your 1:1s in meaningful conversation and less on process. Learn more in our entry on 1:1 Reports.

Summary Reports let you look back over a long period of time to see what has been accomplished and what progress has been made. These are helpful in aggregating information across multiple goals to make it easier to fill out reviews as you'll have all the information in one place instead of having to rely on your memory or comb through your email. Learn more in our entry on Summary Reports.

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