Organizations and Workspaces

Nodabl is designed so that you can have one account your entire career, regardless of where you work. To enable this, every user account has a Personal workspace, and then for each organization you are a member of, you have access to that organization’s workspace.

You can tell what workspace you’re in by:

  1. Looking at the name of the workspace underneath your name / email at the top of the menu bar.

  2. Looking to see which workspace icon to the left of the menu bar is highlighted.

Your Personal workspace will always be the first one listed.

Workspace Basics

All of your data, except for your account profile data, is tied to a specific workspace.

Data tied to a workspace:

  • Goals

  • Actions

  • Feedback

  • Comments

  • Collaborators

Account profile data shared across all workspaces:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Email subscription settings

  • Labels you’ve created

Currently there is no way to move data across workspaces, however, that feature should be released by Q4 2020.

Personal Workspace

Your personal workspace is completely under your control. During our open beta, your personal workspace has the features of the Manager tiered plan (see our pricing page).

Organization Workspace

Organization workspaces are under the control of the administrators of that organization. Data in an organization workspace is subject to the policies of that organization, and visible to the administrators of that organization.

In addition to viewing all of the data in the organization workspace, administrators can also add or remove collaboration relationships, act as a collaborator to all members of that organization with access to all members’ goals, add and remove members, change roles (admin vs member), and manage the custom content of that organization.

Members of an organization can only collaborate with other members of that organization, and there are no limits to the number of collaborators one can have within an organization.

Feedback can be requested of anyone (members and nonmembers of the organization).

Switching Workspaces

To the left of the menu, you will see a series of icons for each workspace of which you’re a member. The top one will always be your Personal workspace (if you only see one icon, it means you’re not a member of any organization workspaces). You can switch to a specific workspace by clicking on the icon of that workspace.