Exchanging Feedback via Nodabl

Use Nodabl’s Feedback feature to exchange high quality, actionable feedback on an ongoing basis. The advantages of exchanging feedback via Nodabl are:

  • You can use one of our 50+ feedback templates that provide pre-set questions to make it easier to give feedback.

  • Feedback via Nodabl is asynchronous, so that people have time to be thoughtful about their feedback, as opposed to being put on the spot when asked in a conversation.

  • Feedback is documented, so you always have it available for reference.

Feedback can be requested of anyone, and feedback can be proactively provided by collaborators.

This section covers:

Feedback Templates

Nodabl provides a library of general and skill / competency specific feedback templates for you to use. When you select a template, you’ll see a preview of it before you have to finalize your choice so you can change your selection if needed. Organizations can create their own custom feedback templates for use within their workspace. Contact your admin to take advantage of this feature.

Selecting a Template

Our library of skill / competency specific templates map to the skills and competencies available in the labels list. If one of our templates is relevant to a label on the action, then we will recommend that template to you in the selection drop down.

We also offer general templates that are always available towards the top of the selection list.

Skill / Competency Specific Templates

The skill / competency specific feedback templates provide structure to your feedback request through a series of Yes / No questions that cover the basics of performing on that skill / competency. There is space for the feedback provider to provide optional comments after each Yes / No question. At the end of each template are three optional, free text questions to gather additional information.

These templates are designed for you to ask for feedback on a specific item (project, speech, deliverable, meeting, interaction, etc). By using structured questions focused on a specific item, you make it much easier for the feedback provider to give you high quality, actionable feedback that’s focused on the work as opposed to generalized statements about you as a person.

General Templates

We also provide some general templates for when the skill / competency feedback templates don’t fit your needs, we don’t yet have a specific one for you, or when you have a very specific area you want to drill in on.

Requesting Feedback

Request feedback on an action by clicking on “Request Feedback” from the Action Details screen or from the context menu in the expanded view of the action on the Kanban board.

On the Request Feedback screen you need to:

  1. Pick a template

  2. Specify providers

  3. Customize the message

Specifying Providers

Enter in the email addresses of the people from whom you wish to request feedback in the Email input area. Providers don’t have to be Nodabl members and they can provide feedback without creating a Nodabl account. You can send the same feedback request to up to 10 email addresses at the same time.

When you are within an organization workspace you'll see options to select feedback providers from other members of the workspace. You can also request feedback from people outside of the organization by typing their email address.

Customizing the Message

The last step is to specify a message to your providers. You need to provide context for the feedback request to the providers otherwise they won’t know what to give you feedback on. The more specific you can make the request, the higher likelihood that you get high quality, actionable feedback from the providers.

This message will be populated in the email notification that is sent to the providers.

Viewing Your Request

The details of your feedback request along its status are available in the Action Details screen of the action on which you requested feedback. You can use the Resend button to send another email request to the provider.

Receiving Feedback

You’ll receive an email notification when you receive feedback.

The feedback is available in the Action Details screen of the action on which you requested the feedback or the action on which your collaborator provided feedback.

Providing Feedback

Responding to a Request

When someone requests your feedback, you will receive an email notification and, if you are a Nodabl member, you will have an action in your Workspace to respond to the feedback request.

The link to provide feedback is unique to you, so do not share it with others. When you click on the button to provide feedback, either through the email or the action, you will go to the Provide Feedback screen. Fill out the feedback form, and submit it. You’ve just provided feedback! You can only respond once to the same feedback request, and responses are not editable after they’ve been sent.

After you provide feedback, your feedback will be accessible in the action generated to respond to the feedback request.

Proactively Providing Feedback

You can proactively provide feedback via Nodabl’s feedback feature to your collaborators.

To do so, go to the View Collaborator's Goal page. You can provide feedback on any of their actions that are "Started" or "Done".

Click on the action card to show the context menu. Click on the "Provide Feedback" button from the context menu.

Pick the feedback template you'd like to use. When you select one, you'll see a preview of it. You can change your selection after seeing the preview. When you have selected the template you'd like to use, click Continue.

Answer the template questions and then click submit. The recipient will receive an email notification that you've sent them feedback. The feedback will be visible in the action on which you clicked provide feedback. Additionally, Nodabl will create an action in your workspace, with status "Done", noting that you gave feedback. The feedback itself will be accessible in that action.

Feedback Visibility and Privacy

Email Verification

In order to protect your privacy and the privacy of others, email verification of your account is required before you can send a feedback request. Additionally, email verification is required of unverified Nodabl members upon logging into their accounts if they have received a feedback request so that the details of that request remain private to the intended recipient. Lastly, email verification is required for collaboration, so unverified accounts are unable to proactively provide feedback.

Feedback Requests

When you make a feedback request, the contents of your feedback request are accessible in:

  • The action on which you requested feedback.

  • The email the provider receives.

  • The Provide Feedback action created for the provider.

Your originating action is accessible to you, and to collaborators who have access to that action. The Provide Feedback action is accessible by the provider and any collaborators of theirs who have access to that action. In an organization workspace, your administrators have visibility into feedback as well.

Feedback Responses

Feedback responses are accessible in:

  • The action on which you requested feedback.

  • The Provide Feedback action created for the provider.

The originating action, with the response, is accessible to you and to collaborators who have access to that action. The Provide Feedback action is accessible by the provider and any collaborators of theirs who have access to that action. If the person providing the feedback is doing so in the context of an organization workspace, then administrators of that workspace will have visibility into the feedback response.