Enhance Your 1:1s with 1:1 Reports

1:1 reports give you a snapshot of status updates, progress changes, what's new, and more, so that you can spend more of your 1:1s in meaningful conversation and less on process.

This section of the guide covers:

Accessing 1:1 Reports

Your Data

  1. Link to Reports section

  2. 1:1 Reports links

Access 1:1 Reports on your data from the Reports section. You will see a link to "View 1:1 Report: All Goals" which is a report that summarizes data across all of your goals.

If you have shared some of your goals with collaborators, then you will see a link for each collaborator who has access to at least one of your goals. These links go to a report that only summarizes data from goals that are shared with that specific collaborator.

Your Collaborators' Data

Access 1:1 Reports on your collaborators' data by going to the View Collaborator screen for that collaborator, and then by clicking on the link for the 1:1 Report.

Report Filters

The 1:1 Report lets you set your own date range and filter by goals. The date range sets the report period, and it will default to the last 7 days, including today.

The goals filter will filter the data in the report to actions associated with the selected goals.


The actions section of the report contains 3 subsections.

  1. Actions completed in the report period.

  2. Actions that were supposed to be completed but were not.

  3. Actions due in the upcoming period.

Actions completed in the report period contains each action that was marked as "Done" in the report period, regardless of what the due date was.

Actions that were supposed to be completed but were not contains actions with the action status "Not Started" or "Started" and either have a current due date in the report period, or, previously had a due date in the report period and then during the report period the due date was changed.

Actions due in the upcoming period show actions with action status "Not Started" or "Started" with due dates in the upcoming period. The upcoming period starts the day after the end of reporting period (by default, tomorrow), and runs for the same number of days as the reporting period (by default, 7 days).

  1. Action Name - links to the action so you can see the action details including feedback or comments

  2. Goal Name - links to the goal so you can see the goal details, action plan, and open up the goal comments feed

  3. Current Action Ratings

  4. Current Action Status

  5. Completion Date (for Actions completed)

  6. Action with indicators for feedback and action comments received in the period

  7. The previous due date (for an Action that was supposed to be completed, but was not, and the due date was changed)

  8. New tag for actions created during the report period

  9. Goal with the comment indicator for goal comments received in the period

Each action row displays a plethora of information, along with one click access to the action details to see feedback or comments, so that you can quickly scan over the report to determine what needs to be discussed.


The goals section shows you a goal cards for each goal that was active or marked as inactive during the period. The cards show you the status at the beginning of the report period, and the status at the end, so you can see how goal progression has changed. Newly created goals with have a new tag, and goals with comments made during the period will have a comment indicator next to the goal name.