Nodabl's Collaboration features enables you to give other people (e.g., your manager or coach) access to your goals, and you can get access to other people's goals. This section covers:

In order to protect your privacy and the privacy of others, you must verify your email address prior to using any collaboration features.

Collaborating in Nodabl

Collaborators can:

Viewing a Collaborator's Goal

To view a collaborator's goal, first go to the View Collaborator page for that collaborator by clicking their name in the menu or by going to Manage Collaborators and clicking on their card.

Click on the goal you want to view. Collaborators have to give you access to their goals. If you don't see any goals here, it means they haven't given you access to any. You can create goals for them.

  1. Goal Details

  2. Comments button to see goal comments feed

  3. Action Plan

  4. Expanded view of an action card showing all the tasks and the context menu

  5. View button to see action details

  6. Provide feedback button to proactively provide feedback

Clicking on an action will expand it, showing you the context menu.

Clicking "View" will take you to the action details screen, where you can see all the information about the action, including feedback and action comments.

The "Provide Feedback" button will show up if the action status is "Started" or "Done", and will take you into the flow to provide feedback.

Exchange Comments

Collaborators can add comments to any goal and action to which they have access. The goal comments feed can be accessed by clicking on the Comments button on View Collaborator's Goal.

  1. Add a goal comment

  2. Action comment from someone else with red dot indicating it's new

  3. Goal comments from you

  4. Button to mute email notifications from this goal

Goal comments will show up in the goal comments feed. Action comments will show up in the goal comments feed for all goals that are associated with that action.

You can see and make action comments by going to the bottom of action details screen for that action.

All active collaborators can see all comments. When access to a goal is removed for a collaborator, that collaborator can no longer add or view comments for that goal or for actions associated with that goal. All of the existing comments made by the now removed collaborator will persist and continue to be accessible to the owner and any active collaborators.

The owner of the goal or the action can delete any comment, regardless who made it. Collaborators can delete their own comments.

All collaborators will receive an email notification of a new comment. Comment notifications can be muted at the goal level. Click the mute button on the goal comments feed to mute that goal. This will turn off all email notifications for that goal and actions associated with that goal.

Note - if an action is associated with multiple goals, and you only mute one of those goals, you will continue to receive email notifications for comments on that action unless you also mute the other goal.

Proactively Provide Feedback

You can proactively provide feedback via Nodabl’s feedback feature to your collaborators.

To do so, go to the View Collaborator's Goal screen. You can provide feedback on any of their actions that are "Started" or "Done".

Click on the action card to show the context menu. Click on the "Provide Feedback" button from the context menu.

Pick the feedback template you'd like to use. When you select one, you'll see a preview of it. You can change your selection after seeing the preview. When you have selected the template you'd like to use, click Continue.

Answer the template questions and then click submit. The recipient will receive an email notification that you've sent them feedback. The feedback will be visible in the action on which you clicked provide feedback. Additionally, Nodabl will create an action in your workspace, with status "Done", noting that you gave feedback. The feedback itself will be accessible in that action.

Learn more about Nodabl's feedback feature in the section on Exchanging Feedback.

Adding Goals and Actions

You can add goals directly for your collaborators in order to get them set up. When you add a goal for a collaborator, you'll automatically have access to it.

When viewing your collaboration (Collaborators -> View from the relevant collaborator), add a goal by clicking the "+ Goal" button in the top right (on mobile, it's in the bottom dock). If you don't have access to any of your collaborator's goals yet, you will also see a big add goal button.

Fill out the fields, and then click save to add the goal. You'll be taken to the View Collaborator's Goal page for that goal, and then you can add actions to it.

From the View Collaborator's Goal page, click on the "+Action" button in the top right, or any of the + buttons on top of a status column on the Kanban board. Note - you can add actions to any of your collaborator's goals that are shared with you, regardless of who created the goal.

When adding an action for a collaborator, you can edit everything except for the Goal, Ratings, and Related Actions. After you fill out the fields, click save, and then the action will be added.

Managing Collaborators

Inviting Collaborators

You can invite collaborators from the Manage Collaborators screen, from your Goals screen, or from your View Goal screen.

On the Manage Collaborators screen, enter the email address of your invitee into the text field in the hero. In an organization workspace, you can only collaborate with other members of the organization. You will see them listed as options. If someone you want to collaborate with is not listed, talk to your admin about adding them to the organization.

Clicking on Invite will show a confirmation pop up. On the confirmation, you can choose goals to give your invitee access to, or send the invitation without giving any goal access.

Click on the share icon on the goal card in the Goals screen or in the goal details area on the View Goal screen to open up the Goal Access pop up.

In an organization workspace, pick the organization member who you'd like to invite as a collaborator and share this goal with from the drop down. If you don't see that person in the drop down, they aren't a member of your organization, and you should talk to your admin about adding them.

In a personal workspace, Enter the email address of the invitee in the text field and click "Give Access". This will send the invitation and give them access to that specific goal. You can invite anyone you'd like - they don't need to be a Nodabl member. However, they will need to sign up for Nodabl and verify their email address in order to collaborate with you in Nodabl.

They will receive an email notification of your invitation, and, they will see an invitation on their Manage Collaborators screen.

After you send the invitation, you will see them on your Manage Collaborators screen with the date you sent the invitation, the option to remove the invitation, and the ability to resend the invitation. If you resend the invitation, they will receive another email notification.

If you invite someone who has an outstanding invitation to you, you will automatically accept their invitation. You will gain access to the goals they made accessible to you, and they will gain access to the goals you made accessible to them.

You'll receive an email notification when they accept or decline your invitation.

You can also remove the invitation by clicking on the remove link - this will also notify them that the invitation has been revoked.

Removing Collaborators

You can remove a collaborator by clicking the remove link on the collaborator card on the Manage Collaborators screen.

You'll see a pop up with the details of your collaboration (how many goals each of you has access to) asking you to confirm that you'd like to end the collaboration. Either collaborator can end the collaboration. Upon ending the collaboration, all access to goals is removed, and the other party is notified that the collaboration has been ended.

See Removing Access under Managing Goal Access if you'd like to remove a collaborator from one of your goals without ending the collaboration.

Collaborator Limits

Organization Workspaces

In organization workspaces you there is no limit to the number of collaborators you may have, with the caveat that you can only collaborate with other members of the organization.

Personal Workspaces

During the our beta, everyone has a limit of 3 collaborators. If you need additional collaborators, please contact us.

Collaboration relationships, once established, are two-way, and count towards both collaborator’s limits, regardless of who invited who. There is no goal-specific limit - each collaborator may give the other access to as many goals as they wish.

Invitations you send count towards your limit whether they are accepted or not. You can remove an invitation at any time to free up space as needed. Invitations you receive do not count towards your limit, however, in order to accept an inbound invitation you do need to have room under the limit.

Organization Administrators

Administrators of an organization can add or remove collaborators on behalf of members within that organization’s workspace.

Managing Goal Access

Giving Access

New Collaborators

In order to give someone access to your goal, they must be your Collaborator. See Inviting Collaborators for instructions on how to invite a collaborator.

Existing Collaborators

Click on the share icon for a goal on the Goals screen or on the View Goal screen to give an existing collaborator access to your goal.

Your existing collaborators will show up in the dropdown. Pick the collaborator, and click "Give Access". Your collaborator is immediately granted access and will receive an email notification saying they have access.

Seeing Who Has Access

You can see everyone who has access to a specific goal by clicking the share icon for that goal, bringing up the goal access popup.

Removing Access

There are two ways to remove a collaborator’s access to a goal.

You can remove them from the goal itself, which will remove their access to the goal, but keep them as a collaborator. You do this by clicking on the share goal icon for that goal to bring up the goal access popup.

Click on remove next to the collaborator and confirm. They will be notified that you have removed their access to the goal.

You can also remove them as a collaborator from the Collaborators page. This will remove the entire collaboration, removing their access from all of your goals, and removing your access from all of their goals.

Receiving Access

Access is controlled by the goal’s owner, and must be granted by them. There is no way to request access via Nodabl, as there is no way to see someone’s goals to even request access without having access in the first place.

When someone invites you to be a collaborator, or an existing collaborator gives you access to one of their goals, you'll receive an email notification. Goal access is granted upon established the collaboration relationship, or, if you are already collaborators, immediately.

You can see pending inbound collaboration invitations by going to Manage Collaborators.