Nodabl Guide to Performance Reviews
June 30, 2020

Performance reviews are a staple of corporate life, largely because they are often the only formal process instituted by companies for having an in-depth conversation on performance, growth, and development.

The value of a performance review is directly tied to everything that happens around the review - what was done in the period before the review, what is done leading up to the review, and then what is done during the subsequent period after the review.

We’ve prepared a series of articles to help you, whether you’re a manager or individual contributor, get the most value out of reviews - by making sure you are doing everything you need to do in between reviews.

For Managers

Managers: Make the Most of Performance Reviews - After the Written Review

After you write the review, you need to deliver it to your employee. This article covers how to prepare and conduct that meeting, and then what you should do after to set your employee up for success.

Integrate Growth and Development Into Your Working Routine

Too often growth and development get deferred in favor of urgent business tasks. By integrating growth and development into your working routine, it stops feeling like a different thing you have to do, and gets addressed in your normal course of business.

For Individuals

How to Prepare and Write Your Self-Review

Your self-review is your opportunity to influence the review process, and make your case for yourself. This article will help you be strategic and thoughtful in your approach so you put your best foot forward.

Deciphering Your Performance Review: How to Translate Vague Feedback Into Action

Reviews often contain vague feedback (ever hear that you need to work on your “executive presence”, “strategic thinking”, or you need to “be more of a leader”?). This article gives advice on how to decipher that feedback and prepare a plan to address it.

Individuals: Make the Most of Performance Reviews - After the Written Review

Your career is a story, not a snapshot at a point in time. The way you address your review in the subsequent review period is the next chapter on that story. This article covers how to prepare for your review discussion meeting, and then what you should do after to set yourself up for success.

Driving Professional Growth Everyday

Ultimately, your growth and development comes down to the your effort and your focus. This article contains advice on how to think about growth and development, and how to make it a priority.

For Everyone

Nodabl makes reviews easier to do and more valuable by giving you a structure and a process to manage growth and development on an ongoing basis in between reviews. Sign up today or contact us to learn more about how Nodabl can help your company, team, or you individually.

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Career growth doesn't just happen twice a year. Nodabl helps you collaboratively drive growth and development on an ongoing basis by actively addressing the goals from career conversations and reviews.

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