Our mission is to enable every person to maximize their professional potential.

We’re doing this by giving people tools to plan, manage, and track career growth and professional development on an ongoing basis.

Nodabl’s origin story starts in 2012, when I stepped into my first leadership role at Factual.

I was fortunate to start my career at Mckinsey & Company, in an environment hyper-optimized for career growth and professional development. I benefited from a wonderful combination of culture, leadership, process, and tools.

I wanted to create a comparable environment for my team.

As part of my onboarding process for new members of my team, I’d ask them about their career goals. Additionally, the company did a six-month, 360-degree review process, which resulted in evaluation and compensation decisions, as well as professional development feedback.

But what happened next? I didn’t have a way to help my team put together an action plan and measure their progress against their career goals and their professional development feedback.

I did weekly 1-1s, which primarily focused on business objectives. When we did discuss growth and development, there was no system to refer back to, no measure to point to, no structured way to have a productive, ongoing conversation, and thus, no easy way to for my team to hold me accountable or for me to hold them accountable for growth and development.

So I founded Nodabl.

We’re starting with filling the gap between reviews, growth conversations, and personal goal setting, with a place to actually plan, manage, and track progress and growth, the same way that teams plan, manage, and track work projects and initiatives for business objectives.

Ultimately, we see Nodabl being the underlying platform powering everything around helping you achieve professional success - effective learning and development, liquid internal job markets, matching for mentorship and coaching, and much much more.

The Team

Vikas Gupta headshot
Vikas Gupta
Founder / CEO

Vikas started his career in management consulting at McKinsey & Company. When he left and joined the operating world, he was shocked at the difference in the way he experienced development and growth at McKinsey versus industry. This difference became even more apparent when he started managing a team for the first time. He was challenged with both developing himself as a leader and fostering growth in his team. Since then he's been thinking about how to improve the growth experience and enabling every person to be their professional best.

Prior to founding Nodabl, Vikas held leadership positions across marketing, product, and strategy at various early-stage tech companies. He has a BA and an MBA from UCLA. In his abundant spare time, he’s designing an airline themed strategy board game that he hopes to publish one day.

Adam Lane headshot
Adam Lane

Adam fell in love with computers the day his dad brought home a Commodore 64 computer. After graduating from UCSB, he began his career working as a backend engineer at Computer Associates and eventually discovered web programming. After helping arrange 1s and 0s at progressively younger companies, it became clear that helping small teams accomplish big things was his sweet spot. Adam loves the personal growth theme and has done everything from Toastmasters to Tony Robbins. When he joined Nodabl, he felt the perfect intersection of his passion for self improvement, helping others, and technology.

Adam is known around the office for typing on a loud Dvorak layout keyboard. Outside of the office, he loves trying the new restaurants that are constantly popping up in his hometown of Santa Barbara.

Maris Goodstein headshot
Maris Goodstein

Based in Los Angeles, Maris is a coach, facilitator and trainer with impressive experience as an executive in large, national, high-growth organizations. Her direct experience includes growing organizations, growing people, building and managing boards, growing high-value relationships, navigating complex relationships and succeeding in resource-restricted environments. She has managed multi-million dollar budgets and staff across the country. Her training and facilitation experience includes work with for profit, nonprofit and government clients in the areas of presentation, negotiating, networking skills, building mentoring programs, change management, leadership, people, and team development, effective delegation and more. Her program design experience includes creating customized workshops and retreats to better support teams and leaders in achieving their desired outcomes (both as a team and as it relates to their bottom line).

Maris holds a B.A. from Barnard College where she consistently received Leadership awards. She is certified in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument and has completed the rigorous certification in coaching from the Hudson Institute of Coaching.

Lauren Meagher headshot
Lauren Meagher

Lauren Meagher, Managing Partner and Founder of Evolute Consulting, is a certified executive coach and strategic advisor passionate about helping leaders and businesses achieve more. She founded Evolute to share her expertise in leadership, team development and execution. Lauren previously worked at McKinsey, American Express, Vente-Privee and Jim Beam where she was well-known and respected for her execution and achievement-oriented style of operating and leadingothers.

Lauren holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a B.B.A. in Finance and Business Economics from the University of Notre Dame where she was a Valedictorian candidate.

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