Career growth doesn’t just happen twice a year.

Nodabl is the career management app that works like you do. Don’t wait for your next review to make a move.
  • Take control of your career.

    Create goals and make action plans. Track your progress and stay organized. Set deadlines and get automated reminders.

  • Exchange actionable feedback.

    Give and receive feedback on a regular basis. Choose from over 50 skill-specific templates to make feedback easy.

  • Collaborate effortlessly.

    Growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Track your team’s progress, give advice and support, answer questions, and remove blockers.

Make reviews work for you.

Easily plan, manage, and track the work you do to address feedback from your review. Make the next review cycle less time consuming and more effective.

For Individuals

Drive your own success

  • Set goals and create action plans to address feedback from your reviews.

  • Make it easy for your manager to support your growth by giving them visibility into your work in Nodabl.

  • Be prepared for your next review by having detailed data and documentation on your progress between reviews.

For Managers

Support your team

  • Help your team to set goals and create action plans based on your feedback.

  • See their progress at a glance so your 1-1s can be about advice and support instead of status updates.

  • Streamline reviews with the data and documentation captured in Nodabl instead of wracking your memory.

Designed with expertise

We’ve partnered with executive coaches to incorporate their expert advice into Nodabl.

Maris Goodstein headshot

Maris Goodstein

“The difference between starting with a blank sheet of paper and starting with a pre-set structure is, for most people, the difference between failure and success. Nodabl provides the structure and workflow that enables individuals to successfully plan and manage their careers.”

Lauren Meagher headshot

Lauren Meagher

“An explicit goal, a plan to get there, accountability, a way to visualize progress, and a way to measure growth—each one of these alone increases the likelihood of someone feeling more successful in their career. Nodabl, by combining all of these, makes it much easier for people to be successful in reaching their career goals.”

Equip yourself for success