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Nodabl is your personal career planner. Set goals, create action plans, and take action so you can achieve career success.
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Lisa Kuebelbeck headshot
Lisa Kuebelbeck
Director of Business Development
Nodabl helps me organize myself and set goals. I don’t have a ton of time so I need something that will keep me on task, stay organized, and keep me moving forward.
Jeremy Oglesby Headshot
Jeremy Oglesby
Full-stack web developer
This is the kind of structure-providing tool that I find really helpful in planning out not just my goals, but also concrete steps to meet them. I’ve tried to manage my career progression with to-do apps, but they didn’t provide enough structure to work for career tracking.
Michelle Kim Headshot
Michelle Kim
Creative Director
Nodabl is a product for me, not for my manager. It makes my work and effort feel worth it, and it helps me understand what I’ve achieved and what I’m working towards beyond my day to day job.

Don't sabotage yourself with tools that work against you

Setting career goals, creating an action plan, tracking your progress, holding yourself accountable, collecting feedback - none of these are easy, especially when all you’re armed with is a blank document, empty spreadsheet, or a basic to-do list.
General purpose software doesn't provide structure or workflow
No preset structure or workflow, forcing you to design your own
No capability to set workflow, preventing you from working efficiently
No support for deadlines/reminders, making self-accountability difficult
No ability to track, measure, or visualize progress

Nodabl works for you so you can work on your career

We provide purpose-built structure and workflow to make career planning and management easy, all in an account that you own and control.


Set a goal
Pre-set options make writing career goals easy. Or, write your own using the free text option. Optional fields let you add detail and metadata at your leisure.
Set Goal
Create your action plan


Create your action plan
Plan your path to achieving your goal. Use descriptions, labels, deadlines, and other optional fields to keep yourself organized and on track.


Take action
Track your progress using the Kanban board. Shift actions up and down the board to mirror changes in your priorities. Set deadlines and use our automated reminders to hold yourself accountable.
Track progress with Kanban board
Collect Feedback


Collect feedback and assess growth
Feedback: Collect high quality, actionable feedback from anyone you'd like using one of over 50 skill specific feedback templates.
Self-Assessments: Periodically rate yourself for specific skills so you can measure your growth (coming soon).


Visualize your success
See the work you’re doing to achieve your goals along with all the skills you’ve developed with our reports.
Visualize your success with charts and reports

Designed with expertise

We've partnered with executive coaches to incorporate their expert advice into Nodabl's design.
Maris Goodstein headshot
Maris Goodstein
Executive Coach
Not knowing where to start will ensure failure every time, especially if you are taking on something new and different. Owning your professional development and career is a daunting task that is made easier with Nodabl's pre-set structure, guidance and support. Nodabl strikes the perfect balance of offering guidance and allowing for customization so individuals can successfully plan and manage their careers.
Lauren Meagher headshot
Lauren Meagher
Executive Coach
An explicit goal, an implementation plan, accountability, a way to visualize progress, and a way to measure growth - each one of these alone increases the likelihood of someone feeling more successful in their career. Nodabl, by combining all of these, makes it much easier for people to be successful in reaching their career goals.

Successful professionals plan and manage their careers

Start taking control of your career today.
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