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Designed for you, not your employer.
We are designed to help you grow. Your employer's performance management process is designed to help them make compensation and promotion decisions.
A place for you to be honest.
Growth requires honesty. In your employer's performance management process, honesty can cost you.
One account for your whole career.
You should own your performance data, not your employer. With us, you won't leave data behind when you change employers.

You working to be your best.

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Goal Created Icon
Set Goals
Make a commitment to work on your professional growth. We help by providing personalized recommendations and reminders so you can keep yourself accountable.
Set Goals
Set a personal growth goal focused on a specific skill/competency. These are your goals, not your employer's business objectives.
Track Progress
Add "Activities" - what you're doing in the real world - to track your progress against your goals.
Goal Contributed Icon
Track Progress
Easily track your progress towards your goals. This also creates a record of your work that you can reference when writing a self-review or applying for a new job.

It takes less than 5 minutes a week to track your progress.
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Collect Feedback
As you add Activities, you can request feedback from people you trust. Collecting feedback on an ongoing basis increases the quality and lets you act on it quickly.

Only you and the person who provides the feedback can see the feedback.
Collect Feedback
We provide feedback templates tailored to specific skills/comptencies to make it easy to collect high quality, actionable feedback.
Measure Growth
Track changes over time to see how you're growing.
Goal Achieved Icon
Measure Growth
Measure your confidence and knowledge/ability by taking short Self-Assessments as you finish goals. You can also track the reasons for change to get a better sense for what drives your growth.

You determine your own success.

Start taking control of your career today.